Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network: A Review


  •   Jyh-Woei Lin


The International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network (INTERMAGNET) was based on the Observatory Instruments in Ottawa, Canada in August 1986. After coordination between the United States and British Geological Surveys, this network could use to record Earth’s magnetic field e.g., Disturbance storm time (Dst) index that monitored a large geomagnetic storm. The INTERMAGNET has been used in to access the observed communicating. The production of geomagnetic products could be obtained in real-time. Overseeing the operations of INTERMAGNET, the first geomagnetic Information Node (GIN) was established in 1991, the first CD-ROM/DVD was published in 1991.

Keywords: Earth’s magnetic field; International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network (INTERMAGNET); Observatory Instruments


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