Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Close Proximity to Septic Tanks and Potential Impact on Health

Chinwendu Emeka, Bright Nweke, Chimaobi K. Ihunwo, Samuel Nta
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Impact of Settlement Growth on Yenagoa’s Urban Environment

E. E. Imaitor-Uku, O. B. Owei, L. Hart, A. Ayotamuno
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Vegetation Dynamics in the Northern Zones of Niger: Case of the Rural Commune of Tanout (Zinder) and Aderbissinat (Agadez)

Abdoul Kader Soumaila Sina, Nouhou Ali, Amadou Garba, Bernard Minoungou
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Assessment of Groundwater Mineralization Processes in Mbakaou Area (Adamawa Plateau – Cameroon), by Using Conventional Diagrams and Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Adoua Kopa Njueya, Arnaud Tonang Zebaze, Lucas Kengni, Emile Temgoua, David Guimolaire Nkouathio, Stéphanie Dannou Chezie
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Parameters Affecting the Synthesis of X and A Zeolites from Coal Fly Ash

A. Korpa, V. Teneqja, S. Gjyli, A. Andoni
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