Structural Interpretation of Lineament from Nlonako Area and Surroundings: Contribution to Pan-African Tectonic Reconstruction

Julie Agathe Noudiedie Kamgang, Jules Tcheumenak Kouémo, Eric Martial Fozing, Dongmo Armand Kagou, Roslin Brice Kenfack
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Petrogenesis of Magnesian High-K Granitoids From Bitkine (Centrechad Massif): Major and Trace Elements Constraints

Mbaihoudou Diontar, Jean Claude Doumnang, Maurice Kwékam, Zagalo Al-hadj Hamid, Armand Kagou Dongmo, Julios Efon Awoum, Jules Tcheumenak Kouémo
 Abstract views: 270
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The NE-SW Trending Fotouni and Fangam Basalt Cones: Evidence of Tectonic Control on Their Emplacement

Nathalie Love Ngongang Tchikankou, Jules Tcheumenak Kouémo, Nicaise Blaise Tchuimegnie Ngongang, Julie Agathe Noudiédié Kamgang, Maurice Kwekam, Pierre Kamgang
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Appraisal of the Use of Earth for Sustainable Low-Income Housing Construction in Nigeria

Eugene Ehimatie Atamewan, Grace Atah Otire, Innocent Ibi Egbuluwa
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Assessment of Groundwater Resource in Climate Variability Context at Sinematiali (North of Côte d'Ivoire)

Omer Zephir De Lasme, Avy Stephane Koffi, Dodo Guy Gnali Cedric
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Rare Earth Elements Assessment in the Granitoids of Part of Southwestern Nigeria

Victoria B. Omotunde, Akinade S. Olatunji, Maryam O. Abdus-Salam
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Geochemical Characteristics of Amphibolites in Parts of Iseyin-Oyan Schist Belt, Southwestern Nigeria

Maryam O. Abdus-Salam, Anthony T. Bolarinwa, Akinade S. Olatunji, Victoria B. Omotunde
 Abstract views: 902
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