Assessment and Monitoring of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Concentrations in High Traffic Areas (HTA) of Maiduguri Metropolitan of Borno State, Nigeria


  •   Umar Idriss

  •   Muhammad Zannah Lawan

  •   Abdullateef Goni Muhammad


The research investigated the carbon monoxide concentrations in heavy traffic areas of Maiduguri metropolitan between three weeks has been performed. Maiduguri City is located at latitudes 11 42N and 12 00 N and longitudes 12.54 and 13 14 E and has a land area of 543 km2 in the Northern-Eastern region of Nigeria. The high concentration of Carbon monoxide (CO) pollutants in high traffics area of Post office of Maiduguri city. The high traffic area (HTA) was selected for the research and the concentration of Carbon monoxide was monitored and measured, monitoring and measurement were planned daily between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for three weeks. The average result obtained was the highest point of 36 ppm and lowest point of 12 ppm in the three weeks, the highest point is above both WHO and FEPA points of 25 ppm and 30 ppm, respectively.

Keywords: Air pollution, Carbon Monoxide, High Traffic Area (HTA), Maiduguri Municipal Council (MMC)


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Idriss, U., Lawan, M. Z., & Muhammad, A. G. (2021). Assessment and Monitoring of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Concentrations in High Traffic Areas (HTA) of Maiduguri Metropolitan of Borno State, Nigeria. European Journal of Environment and Earth Sciences, 2(4), 63-66.