Characteristics and Environmental Impact of Pozzolan in the Tombel Graben Quarry


  •   David Guimolaire Nkouathio

  •   Éric Donaldo Ntchambia Djeunou

  •   Rachid Mohamed

  •   Synthia Tengomo Nguimatsia

  •   Marie Louise Chenyi Vohnyui


This work studies the characteristics of pyroclastic (materials) and evaluates the environmental impacts due to the opening of a pyroclastic quarry in the Tombel graben area saturated lime test, specific surface determination, mechanical resistivity index within long and short terms have been used to characterize pozzolan materials in the study area and it’s important to the cement industry while environmental impact was determined through soil permeability test and nuisance noise. From the results obtained, samples had very large specific surfaces (>3500 Cm2/g) and highly reactive with lime. The samples studied are in conformity with standard mechanical resistivity index SAI. For cement manufacture. The environmental impacts define an "absolute average" impacts relating to the opening of the quarry. Hence a particular attention is needed in this area of study and mitigation measures have been proposed.

Keywords: Cameroon Volcanic Line, Environmental impact, Mechanical resistivity index, Mitigation measures, Pozzolan, Tombel Graben


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