Water Regime and Flow Trends of Sitnica River


  •   Arban Berisha


River Sitnica is one of the large rivers of Kosovo, which makes problems through its river basin, such as frequent floods and pollution. Especially if we add impact of climate change, then problems get worse. Among all, there is a lack of continuous hydrometrical observation. Those existing data are not complete, and not so confident. So, before any estimation of water regime, flow trends and identification of climate change, there is first to analyze flow data, to complete them with the known statistical methods. In this case, this problem has been solved by method of correlation with neighbourhood well-observed data. Just after data validation, there has been analyzed and shown its water regime, estimated flow trend, and is given correlation of temperatures, precipitations and flows for main gauging station. Correlation of these basic parameters has been extended for 21 years, where can be seen strong increasement of precipitation, certain increasement of temperatures and flows, as well as strong extremization of these parameters. At the end is given impact of convection rainfall, due to intensiv urbanization. These results should alarm competent authorities, on preventive action, to soft consequences, in next two decades.

Keywords: correlation, extremization, parameters, prediction, trend


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