Geochemical Characteristics of Amphibolites in Parts of Iseyin-Oyan Schist Belt, Southwestern Nigeria


  •   Maryam O. Abdus-Salam

  •   Anthony T. Bolarinwa

  •   Akinade S. Olatunji

  •   Victoria B. Omotunde


Amphibolite is an important lithologic unit of the Nigerian basement complex that are commonly intercalated within metasedimentary sequences. Disseminated grains of sulphide minerals and base metal deposits are reported to occur in amphibolites and some other lithologies in other schist belts of Nigeria apart from the Iseyin-Oyan schist belt. Detailed geochemical study of amphibolitic rocks in this schist belt is scarce in literature, whereas none exist for the area under study, thus, this study is aimed at delineating the amphibolites within the Iseyin-Oyan schist belt around Itasa area with detail appraisal of their petrography and geochemical characteristics. A geologic field mapping was undertaken, and fresh representative amphibolite samples were obtained. Petrographic and geochemical studies of the samples were carried out with a view to understand their nature and petrogenetic characteristics. Geochemical data were elucidated using diverse geochemical discrimination diagrams. The amphibolites occur as lenses of small to large rocky boulders trending NNE-SSW and are essentially basal to quartz mica schist. Modal compositions revealed that they are dominantly composed of hornblende and plagioclase. XRD and mineral chemistry revealed that the plagioclase ranged from andesine to anorthite while hornblende is mainly magnesiohornblende. Geochemical data and discrimination diagrams revealed that the amphibolites are formed from basaltic to basaltic-andesite protolith that are of tholeiitic nature and had suffered crustal contamination. Tectonic discrimination diagrams indicated that the rocks were emplaced in the Mid Ocean Ridge but had been affected by collision due to Pan African Orogenic tectonic event.

Keywords: Amphibolites, Crustal contamination, Geochemical characteristics, Iseyin-Oyan schist belt


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