Analysis and Interpretation of Lineaments for Evaluation of Groundwater Potential in Shendam and Environs, North Central Nigeria


  •   C. O. Abusu

  •   U. M. Ma'aji

  •   M. I. Ancho

  •   M. M. Iliya


This study was done to evaluate the groundwater potentials of Shendam and environs using lineaments analysis. The trends of field joints were measured during mapping and using satellite remote sensing to generate lineament. The area is underlain by crystalline basement rocks of biotite granite, medium grain granite, and syenite. Assessment was carried out to depict the possibility of groundwater occurrence in the area. LANDSAT ETM+ imagery was used, together with the geological map to investigate areas favorable for groundwater development. This was achieved by plotting the lineament trends, superimposing the lineament on the geological map, superimposing the lineament on the drainage map, furthermore by plotting density map to know the groundwater potentials of the area. Lineament was used in drawing the respective rose diagrams for each rock type. Structurally, the area is characterized by a predominant NE to SW trend which also affects or controls drainage and groundwater occurrence with major groundwater recharge areas trending NE- SW of the study area. Analyses have shown that the study area has numerous fractures whose major trends are mainly in NE-SW directions. Lineament density maps shows the cross-cutting lineaments to be relatively high in the areas around the northeastern to southwestern parts of the study area but low in the other areas. Zones of high lineament intersection density are feasible zones for groundwater prospecting.

Keywords: geology, groundwater, lineament, prospecting


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Abusu, C. O., Ma’aji, U. M., Ancho, M. I., & Iliya, M. M. (2021). Analysis and Interpretation of Lineaments for Evaluation of Groundwater Potential in Shendam and Environs, North Central Nigeria. European Journal of Environment and Earth Sciences, 2(4), 1-4.